Monday, July 5, 2010

A master of light and shade.

1974 Topps #340 Matty Alou

As someone who considers himself a collector first and not an investor I love it when I come across a beauty like this. Matty Alou was released by the Padres in June of 1974, but not before Topps released this truly amazing card. The 1974 Topps set is probably my least favorite of the decade, it just seems so uninspired. San Diego also sported those hideous McDonald's uniforms until the mid eighties. The team plus that set are a recipe for disaster, this image seems to have been taken when Alou was with the Yankees in 73 and luckily he was caught sans hat. I mention this because he did not fall victim to Topps notorious mid seventies air-brush, teammate Willie McCovey with his insane peanut butter velour cap was not so lucky.

I'm sure this card's brilliance is a happy accident, the gold and brown design actually compliment the underexposed candid photo perfectly. Thank god he wasn't traded to the Cubs.

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